At Antioch Church, we believe in creating a life-giving environment where anyone can feel welcome. That requires a team of people willing to serve with their time, energy, and creativity. If you desire a life filled with joy, growth, and community, now is the best time to start! There are tons of opportunities to serve at Antioch Church. We want you to find the one that best suits your passion, personality, and availability. If you have already joined Antioch and are ready to serve, select one of the ministries below to get started.

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Simply put, Antioch is a portable church. Everything we do must be set up and torn down each week. This team creates the environments we worship in each weekend.

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Help keep our kids and guests safe. The Security Team is an essential part of our Antioch Kids area, ensuring that only authorized people enter. The team also provides security for our worship center and lobby. Open to both men and women. Mandatory training provided.

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Bring your passion for technology to this team that creates a distraction-free environment through video, lighting, and sound The Production Team also works with design & media.


This friendly team loves people and enjoys making them feel at home. They serve by greeting every member and guest as they enter Antioch, serving coffee & treats, serving as hosts in service and helping answer questions or find their next steps afterward.


This team helps create a place where children are shown the love of Jesus. They invest in the lives of children by serving in small group leadership, worship, videos, and skits.
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This team leads us in worship through music every week. Requires some musical ability.


Team Antioch is a community of people serving God with their talents and abilities, We’d love for you to join! Please fill out the form and a member of our Team will reach out!

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